VirtualGamepad Version 1.00 (Beta + Demo)

After a few months of development, a few weeks of tweaking both the demo and beta versions, a few days of putting a website together. VirtualGamepad is close to being release publicly. It’s been both a challenge and a learning experience.

Ten years ago, I released a bunch of software for the Psion S5 among other platforms. I used to have plenty of time back then. Now, being older, having a day job, girlfriend, two kids, house and dog. I realize how much efforts must be put into indie development and I have a lot more respect for those who develop and release software on their own.

Originally released by Netham45 in February 2013 on XDA Developers under the name “On Screen Joystick”, the initial work in progress had an analog control and two buttons. In July 2013, I took a look at the source code and completely rewrote it from scratch in another language, adding all the features it has today.

I’m now ready for a period of “real” beta testing and I look forward going back into development. I would like to thank NETHAM45 for his initial concept and everybody at XDA, especially those fortunate few who have helped me with the first beta 😉

That’s it for now… See ya !

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