Windows 8 and Windows RT Issues

Here are a few tips that might help with VirtualGamepad.

There seems to be some issues with Windows 8.1 and Wacom Drivers in general. These affect VirtualGamepad’s ability to emulate a mouse. Make sure you have updated your pen, touchscreen and mouse drivers. Also, a lot of Windows 8.1 users are reporting mouse lagging issues. These are NOT the result of using VirtualGamepad 😉

However, on Windows RT, both Netham45 and Kitor are reporting that the mouse cursor is not visible (unless a physical mouse is connected). I’m pretty sure we can come up with a working solution (emulating a mouse cursor). Also, Kitor reports that using any opacity different than Opacity_10 (100%) results in some lagging. Using the touchscreen touchpad mode and/or any opacity level below 10 may result in lower FPS.




  • I had the problem where you can’t see the mouse unless one was plugged it. To solve it, just download the wacom pen/mouse driver even if your tablet doesn’t use a wacom pen. Once you do that, you will see the mouse when you use this program.

    asdfDecember 14, 2013
  • Thank you very much for your feedback… highly appreciated it ! I wish I also had a WindowsRT device so I could better support Windows RT users better. I will release the virtual mouse cursor as an option for those unfortunate who don’t have access to these drivers !

    PalmTimeDecember 14, 2013
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