Latest Development Updates – 2013 December

Since the release of version 1.02, I’ve been working on and off on VirtualGamepad. Hopefully I’ll have an update available before the holidays.

I have completely re-implemented the touchscreen control with multiple modes (cursor, touchpad, view). Not only it adds more features, but it also improves the quality of the mouse movement. I have also implemented a virtual mouse cursor for Windows RT. All of that among a few fixes.

I’m currently coding a self-update feature for VirtualGamepad. With version 1.03, users will be notified of an upgrade and will be able to update directly from VirtualGamepad. At first, it will be a fairly basic feature that will be improved over time.

The Extended Keyboard Button control should also make it into 1.03. This will allow to define press and hold buttons and keyboard combination (shift, ctrl, etc).

Finally, during the holidays, I plan on recording better videos of VirtualGamepad in action. The only “advertising” so far have been the threads on XDA and a video published on YouTube way before it was released. I’ve also started to document the source code because there is a good chance that next year, I’ll have another developer working with me 😉

Any feedback will be appreciated,
Thanks for your support,
Happy Holidays !


  • Thanks for your work on this! I’ll be testing it over the holidays and will let you know how things go.

    Jonathan ShermanDecember 16, 2013
    • Thank you, hopefully the new version will be released this week 🙂

      PalmTimeDecember 16, 2013
  • Hey, just found this project and wanted to say thanks! This is the perfect solution for a lot of my touchscreen conundrums playing Steam, GoG, emulators, and other games on my Windows tab. You’ve got my $5!

    Just a few things I’m wondering if you are planning on implementing / feature requests:

    1) Will there be ability to link certain layouts to certain games and have them automatically come up when the game is launched?

    2) When I’m using the active stylus on my tablet, I cannot use it to interact with the Virtualgamepad controls. I believe this is because the mouse cursor isn’t allowed to go over the on-screen controls. Is this something you can provide a solution for?

    3) I have to agree with a fellow in the forums who was having issues with the program’s interface; it’s difficult to interact with due to my own finger getting in the way of seeing the buttons that pop out. The interface needs some tweaking: make the buttons larger and/or more spaced out, perhaps? Also, the icons/colors are not very intuitive. I had no idea what to do with them at first.

    kyuuDecember 20, 2013
    • First, I would like to thank your for your feedbacks, they are really appreciated 🙂

      I’ll answer your questions and address your comments as best I can.

      1) Yes that is a possibility, I’ll add that to the feature request. I would also like to implement a cloud sharing experience. But right now, the beta is more about “fixing” issues and implementing features that will “improve” the gameplay experience.

      2) Yes, it has to do with limiting the confusion between touch and mouse and to allow the mouse “emulation” to perform as best as it can. Although, I think I could implement pen support. I’ll work on that tomorrow.

      3) I understand your general comments regarding the UI. My intention is to have the “in-game” experience to be as less intrusive as possible, hence the use of icons and colors in a menu that goes away. The “editor” experience is pretty much a standard “windows” application experience. The colors and icons were chosen based on the outcome of the action. Red/Yellow/Green represents various degree of changes that will have an effect on your gamepad. Red being something that you may not really want to do and can result in loosing/deleting/etc controls/gamepads. Yellow being something you may want to know, kind of a warning. Green being something that will not affect your current experience. Blue represents editing/adding stuff. Gray are merely options 😉

      But I DO agree that the interface needs some tweaking. And I really think making some tutorials (which I plan to do as soon as 1.03 is released) will help tremendously.

      Thank you again for your comments,

      PalmTimeDecember 20, 2013
      • Sounds great. Thanks for the response, and thanks again for this excellent piece of software.

        kyuuDecember 20, 2013
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