More Development Updates – 2013 December

My initial intention was to release v1.03 on December 19th, about 7 days after my latest development post. But fortunately or unfortunately, a lot more was done for the next version and I still need to tweak a few things.

Let’s take a look at the “current” changelog for v1.03

Version: 1.03 VirtualGamepad Issues Release date:
11 Bug Mouse View is a little bit jerky when touchmode is enabled Resolved 2
12 Idea Implement an update notification feature Resolved 3
13 Bug Cursor does not render if no mouse is attached Resolved 3
19 Bug Changing the opacity on the setting icon should be allowed again Resolved 3
20 Bug Powering off gamepad does not hide it ! Known Issue Resolved 2
23 Idea Touchscreen Reengineering with Multiple Touch Modes Resolved 3
25 Feature Request Add a keyboard modifier button Resolved 3
26 Feature Request Add Tab and Hold Button Resolved 3
28 Feature Request Add a smear lock feature Resolved 3
33 Feature Request Dual Stage Analog Joypad (Keyboard) Resolved 3
34 Feature Request Mouse Scroller Resolved 3

#11, #23 : The Touchscreen has been completely redesigned and can now simulate a mouse cursor, a touchpad or a “view control” (right-click in most games). Moving the mouse will behave differently based on the mode and tapping will have different outcomes. The Touchpad mode will keep the cursor at the current position and left-click or right-click (after a small delay). The Cursor mode will left-click at the tapping location, etc. Finally, all these modes do add a small FPS cost and may conflict with the use of a real mouse, so I kept the Touch-less Mouse Mode.

#12: The self update system has been implemented but needs to be tested a little bit more.

#13: I have implemented a virtual mouse cursor for those unfortunate who cannot see the windows mouse cursor. Although some people have reported than installing a wacom drivers actually fixed that issue for them, I thought it would be nice to offer something else for the less tech savy 😉 Don’t expect a pointy arrow though, it’ll be something along the lines of the current controls.

#19: Small bug fix that was reported. I thought the system icon should not be affected by the opacity feature, I was wrong. So I brought it back.

#20: Small bug fix that was reported.

#25: Feature Requested: You will be able to add a keyboard button that will act either as a Shift + Key or Control + Key for now. If you want to implement your own, seems like “ShiftKey” and “ControlKey” in the Action Value is the way to go.

#26: Feature Requested: You will be able to add a keyboard that has both a Hold (Lock) and/or a Smear behavior. The first one will hold the key until you tap it again. The second one will allow you to tap on the button and “smear” your touch to another button without removing your touch from the screen.

#33: Feature Requested: You will be able to add a 2 Zones Analog Keypad, the first zone will act like the current analog keypad (WASD by default). The second zone will allow you to add a modifier to that particular zone (Shift or Control). That will be useful in some game where Shift is use to run for example. So by moving your touch above the “middle” zone, your character would not only go forward, but would run.

#34: I was never happy with the 2 mouse scroll buttons, so I implemented a mouse vertical scroller with a middle button click.


Right Here, Right now


I’m currently working on supporting Portrait Mode (Dell Venue 8 Pro). From the beginning, I wanted Virtual Gamepad to auto-fit itself on multiple screen size. I implemented a percentage based grid system for this exact reason. But when it came time to rotate a gamepad, everything became distorted. The fix was to “center” everything in the middle of the screen while retaining the same aspect ratio. This works, but is not satisfactory… and frankly, I don’t think there’s a satisfactory solution to the problem. I want to keep compatibility to the maximum in between devices, mostly because I’d like to implement a cloud sharing experience. One way to allow portrait mode would be to allow controls to be bigger on the screen, either at the top, middle or bottom portion of the screen. That way, rotation would not affect the gamepad itself. Meh…

Tomorrow, I will try to implement Pen support.

1.03 should hit before the 24th and thankfully, it’s still in beta because that’s a lot of features being pushed at the same time 😉

Thank you for your support.


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