VirtualGamepad Version v1.03 (Beta + Demo)

Finally, version 1.03 has just been released, in time for the holidays. There’s a lot of new features and some bug fixes in this version, hopefully I haven’t mess with it too much.

Where do I begin ? The first major changes in this release is the self-update system that will warn you once a day when a new minor version is available and upon accepting, VirtualGamepad should be able to self update itself. Hopefully this work wells as this is the trickier part of this update and I hope it’s gonna work like it’s supposed to.

I have finally re-engineered the touch mode system. The mouse symbol indicates that touch mode is inactive, that you can use a real mouse and that touch are directly interpreted by the game or application running underneath. The cursor mode allows you to move the mouse cursor and tap on the screen to click where the cursor is currently positioned. The touch mode allows you to move the mouse cursor and quickly tap anywhere on the screen to click where you tapped. Finally, the view mode allows you to do exactly like the first mode, but will perform a right-click before, can be really useful with FPS games or MMO that use the right-click mouse to control the camera.

VirtualGamepad now also feature “limited” pen input support, so you can use your digitizer to interact with the menus or move controls on the screen in the edit mode. However, touch and pen cannot work together at the same time, so either one will be interpreted by VirtualGamepad at the same time.

I have also added a virtual mouse cursor for those unfortunate without a mouse cursor. The mouse cursor will be displayed as a square and should not interfere with normal mouse control. (Although, some people have been able to correct this Windows RT issue by installing Wacom’s drivers).

A simple keyboard button modifier control was added, allowing you to quickly add a “Shift-Key” or “Control-Key” button. I learned that using the “Shiftkey” and “Controlkey” action modifiers are the ones to be used and that the “Shift” and “Control” don’t seem to work properly… More modifier may be added in time.

A dual stage analog keyboard gamepad was also added, this will allow you to have two zones in your gamepad, the first one will interact with the usual action keys (WASD for example), the second zone will add a modifier like “Shiftkey” or “Controlkey”. Can be very useful to have a walk/run gamepad on your screen… FPS anyone ? 🙂

An expanded keyboard control was also added. This one adds two new features. An Hold button that will only release the key you pressed once you click on it again. And a “Smear” button that was suggested by one of our users that allows you to move your touch outside of the button to click on other button without leaving the first one. All those are pretty much experimental right now, that’s why I’ve only added them to the Expanded Keyboard Control.

I’ve also added a proper mouse scroller, the same control can be used to scroll up or down or middle click.

For those who are using VirtualGamepad in Portrait Mode, I’ve added the ability to positioned the controls either at the top, middle or bottom of the screen. The auto-fit feature of VirtualGamepad allows any Gamepads to be shared with any user on any screen resolution. However it was designed to work with a 16 by 9 screen. It will adapt to any other screen ratio by re-positioning the 16 by 9 layout on that screen, therefore limiting the available height for VirtualGamepad.

Finally, a few fixes with the opacity of the settings button, hiding the controls when powering off virtual gamepad, etc.

I look forward to your feedback, if there’s no major issue with this release, I’ll take some time to implement a documentation and some videos !

Happy holidays to you all




  • Considering it’s the Holidays and this version has a lot of new features, I’ve decided to allow everyone to download either the v1.02 or v1.03 version of the application in case something doesn’t work properly. I already have a user reporting an issue with an error I had in development but not when I was running the software as a stand-alone. I will be investigating this issue. Thank you for your support.

    PalmTimeDecember 24, 2013
  • I cannot locate either v1.02 or v1.03 download you mention above. On the download page, I only see the demo version. I am logged into my account – am I missing a step?

    psykosisDecember 28, 2013
    • The Beta download is available to users who have donated. V1.03 has some issues right now. The Demo version has the keyboard/mouse controllers, but doesn’t allow to edit them yet… Thank you for your interest.

      PalmTimeDecember 28, 2013
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