Current Known Issue v1.03 (Beta)

Unfortunately, an issue seems to affect certain users in regards to the latest version. My investigation led me to find that using the Windows load and save default dialogs may generate an error when called from a dll. This has to do with the fact that they need to be called from a single-thread application and dll are, by default, multi-threaded. The separation of the application in a dll and exe was required to allow a safe self-update feature. I had the error in development but did not have it in run-time, so I thought it had to do with the debugger.

I would like to know who has this error and who doesn’t. Please comment below. If you encounter the error, you can revert back to v1.02, if you don’t, enjoy v1.03’s new features. As soon as the holidays are over, I’ll work on a fix. It may take some time as I may have to develop my own load/save dialog, something I think I should be doing anyway.

Happy Holidays,


  • I have a Dell Venue 8 Pro and can’t save or load. Also, the ‘show keyboard’ button throws an exception.

    swaayeDecember 26, 2013
    • Thank you very much for your feedbacks. Did the keyboard worked before 1.03, in 1.02 for example ? I will be working on a solution for the load/save dialog as soon as possible. I’m currently evaluating if I need to move everything back in one exe or make my own save load dialog to be compatible with the DLL.

      PalmTimeDecember 26, 2013
    • Could you please see if the following file is available on your machine and if the following location is good… thank you

      C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink\TabTip.exe

      PalmTimeDecember 27, 2013
  • Can you take a capture of the exception and send it to me by email using the link above (small mail icon at the top)… That would be appreciated. In the meanwhile can you use the v1.02 if you need to load and save.

    PalmTimeDecember 26, 2013
  • I did email you as requested. I didn’t receive a response though so I figured I would post here just in case.

    swaayeDecember 28, 2013
    • Hi Swaaye, I sent you an alpha copy of v1.04 to your hotmail account. I have someone else who tried it and reported the same kind of issue. I’m really working toward resolving this issue and I’m extremely sorry this occured at this time of the year. I really thought everything was good for v1.03 and pushed things before x-mas and should have probably waited. I need to build myself a good list of users who are going to pre-test everything. I’m gonna send a copy to you to your gmail account, keep me updated.

      PalmTimeDecember 28, 2013
  • I have the exact same problem as above with the dell venue 8 pro. Your program is by far the best thing out there at the moment too so I hope you get it all worked out 🙂

    bababsherDecember 29, 2013
  • Thank you very much for your comments, I appreciate it a lot. Yes we are on the good way to figure it out. I sent out a build last evening to some testers and they have been reporting success on Windows RT and Windows 8 32 bit machine. I will also have access to someone’s else machine today and will test it out on their. Expect v1.04 to be released later today or tomorrow.

    PalmTimeDecember 29, 2013
  • Trying your software and version 1.04 demo , Geting error ” Error while identifying local Verson!”
    This is when i download the full install exe and run it.

    tried the exe file pack and get same result.

    0odanDecember 31, 2013
    • I will investigate this as soon as possible. Will keep you updated.

      PalmTimeDecember 31, 2013
    • Can you check if both the exe and dll are located in the same folder. This errors occurs when the version for both cannot be locally identified.

      PalmTimeJanuary 1, 2014
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