VirtualGamepad Version v1.04 (Beta + Demo)

VirtualGamepad has been updated to v1.04. This release should fixed the issues experienced by Windows RT and Windows 8 32 bit users (Dell Venue 8 Pro). Starting from v1.03, the self-update process will check daily for a new version. If you decided to postpone the update, it will be offered to you the following day. Version 1.04 is the first time VirtualGamepad will update itself if you have v1.03 installed. Hopefully this goes well for everybody. If it doesn’t, you can still download v1.04 manually 😉

Finally and once again, I’m utterly sorry for those who experienced issues with v1.03. Considering the holidays and all, I wished I had released a fix earlier. Hopefully, things goes well with v1.04.

Take care and happy new year !



  • Trying your software and version 1.04 demo , Geting error ” Error while identifying local Verson!”
    This is when i download the full install exe and run it.

    tried the exe file pack and get same result.

    Device – Dell venue pro 8

    (i will be a tester if you need).

    0odanDecember 31, 2013
    • Thank you for your feedback. I will investigate this issue as soon as possible. Will keep you updated. Thank you.

      PalmTimeDecember 31, 2013
  • Can you check if both the exe and dll are located in the same folder. This errors occurs when the version for both cannot be locally identified.

    PalmTimeJanuary 1, 2014
  • My wife has a Dell Venue pro 8 and Demo loaded fine. We are trying to get it to work to play ePSXe. I love the work that is currently going into it. I have a Satellite U925t and the demo loaded on it as well. We would love to Beta it for you if needed.

    warstyleJanuary 7, 2014
    • Hi Warstyle,

      Thanks for your feedback, I have never tried it with ePSXe, let me know how it works out. The current beta, fully featured, is currently available for 5$, this allows me to evaluate the interest for VirtualGamepad. It can, from time to time have small issues so I’m currently evaluating having both a release and beta available for download.

      PalmTimeJanuary 8, 2014
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