More Development Updates – 2014 January

Just a quick note to let you know that the performance fix is well underway, that it will also strengthen the virtual mouse support (touchscreen mode, etc) and much more. This will really benefits everybody, mostly lower powered tablets, and will increase the overall playability of a lot of games. The performance gain means there will be less refresh rate but more effective ones and of those, a refresh delay settings will be available, but is more of a nice to have. Overall, don’t expect a lot of new features and neither major cosmetic changes for the next version BUT it will surely helps your FPS, CPU consumption and battery life !

I have also been looking at skinning controls with images, I haven’t made much progress into that but enough to say that it’s possible and working 😉 So expect that sooner than later. There is a new control that I really need to integrate as soon as the performance gain is released, more on that later ! Finally, in the long term, I see an overhaul of the edition menu and further down the line, an cloud sharing database…

On Release, Beta and Demo. I soon plan on having an official release with videos and tutorials… Those who have donated will have access to the beta and release. The demo will remain free and will benefits from additional features at some point.

Thanks for your support and your patience,


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