VirtualGamepad Version v1.05 (Beta + Demo)

After a month, I am happy to announce that VirtualGamepad has been updated to v1.05. This release will fix a few issues; mostly the sensibility for the trackpad touch control was not being applied properly and the analog keyboard joystick dead zone was not resetting the keyboard actions accordingly. A few cosmetic changes here and there, mostly in menu labels.

However, there was major changes in the engine, which should translate in a  substantial increase in performance, decrease in CPU utilization and in-game FPS (frame per second) increase. The touchscreen interface had to be modified to support it. Finally, there’s s refresh rate setting that should help a little bit too. Frankly, with all the changes in the engine, I don’t even know if it’s going to have a major impact.

Finally, I’ve revamped both the default and demo gamepad, simplified the first one (removed the 2nd keypad and view control) and adjusted the second one. Looking forward to your feedback, in the meanwhile, I’ll start working on the next version, which I hope, will have new features this time 😉

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