Latest Development Updates – 2014 February

After a few rocky weeks during which I did make some progress on new stuff but not as much as I wished, I’m back on it again. There will be some changes in the Demo version, some added features and some removed features. I’m also working on the first official release and the start of a few experimental features that will be only available in the Beta version.

For those who have posted videos or did mention VirtualGamepad on public websites, I really appreciate it. A vast majority of the comments were positive and I really did appreciate positive criticism where it was due. I’m a gamer, I’m a software developer, but like everyone of you, I’m first and foremost a computer user. I understand that for some, this or that implementation may not work and for others it may work, I totally get that ! Therefore, any criticism is welcomed ! I may not change everything overnight, but I’m listening !

Have a great day.


  • I’ve been using this app with my Dell Venue Pro 8. It’s such a promising piece of software. Its obviously a little rough around the edges but the functionality already there is awesome. I’m playing FTL right now using VGP-tweaking my profile as I go. In addition to VGP I used a utility called BorderlessWindowed. Their powers combined create a very nice gaming experience for a lot of types of games. Keep up the good work!

    rewind22xFebruary 17, 2014
  • Thank you very much for the kind comments. I can already say that the next experimental beta will have the borderless windowed option embedded in it… so you’ll be able to do it from within VirtualGamepad 🙂

    PalmTimeFebruary 17, 2014
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