Latest Development Updates – 2014 April

Hello every one, thanks for being understanding. I was supposed to release a new version of Virtual Gamepad in february, but real life circumstances forced me to delay the release. Not seeing major issue, I thought it was okay to delay it. I’ve recently acquired another tablet, and will be getting rid of my previous one. Only to find out that they are differences in between them. Seems like some touch screen are more sensitive than other, so that resulted in some features not working as expected. For example, the touchpad mouse control should allow you to tap on it for single-click. That was actually working on my previous tablet, much less with my current one.

I also had to move my development environment, and they are still issue with my recent installation. There’s new features coming for VirtualGamepad and I’m far from done with it’s development.

Thanks for your patience.


  • You are doing a great job! Just got virtualgamepad last week and I am really happy with it, I will try to give you as much feedback as possible.

    nestorApril 13, 2014
  • Thank you very much Nestor, much appreciated !

    PalmTimeApril 13, 2014
  • love this so much! keep it up !

    181jenkinsMay 4, 2014
  • Works pretty darn well, keep the updates coming!

    Also, is there an analog control? I’d like to have 2 analog sticks like on an xbox controller. Also, triggers would be good too.


    alexanderesmithAugust 18, 2014
    • You can have as many as you want 😉

      PalmTimeAugust 29, 2014
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