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Current Project: VirtualGamepad

Issue ID# 13 Add virtual mouse cursor for devices that don't show the cursor
Status: Closed Version: 1.03 Priority: 3
Assigned to: PalmTime Submitted by: netham45
Type: Bug Submitted:
11/29/2013 14:43:10 EST
Last Update:
05/17/2019 12:57:09 EDT
Description: If no mouse is attached to the system the cursor does not render. The touchpad could be useful for higher-precision tasks such as clicking on small links on webpages and whatnot, but the cursor does not render when there is no mouse attached to the system.

The obvious fix would be to draw a cursor on the screen and have it able to be toggled. Another fix would be to create a virtual mouse driver that says there's a mouse attached, but that's considerably more work.