VirtualGamepad ready for Windows 10 !

We are happy to announce that VirtualGamepad is compatible with Windows 10.

Latest Development Updates – 2014 April

Hello every one, thanks for being understanding. I was supposed to release a new version of Virtual Gamepad in february, but real life circumstances forced me to delay the release. Not seeing major issue, I thought it was okay to delay it. I’ve recently acquired another tablet, and will be getting rid of my previous […]

Latest Development Updates – 2014 February

After a few rocky weeks during which I did make some progress on new stuff but not as much as I wished, I’m back on it again. There will be some changes in the Demo version, some added features and some removed features. I’m also working on the first official release and the start of […]

More Development Updates – 2014 January

Just a quick note to let you know that the performance fix is well underway, that it will also strengthen the virtual mouse support (touchscreen mode, etc) and much more. This will really benefits everybody, mostly lower powered tablets, and will increase the overall playability of a lot of games. The performance gain means there […]

Latest Development Updates – 2014 January

Good news, good news. After a small break for the holidays, I started working on VirtualGamepad again. After fixing a few issues, I’ve been working very hard to increase the performance, mainly for all of those who own atom tablets (Dell Venue 8 Pro for example). I had a break yesterday and I’m happy with […]

More Development Updates – 2013 December

My initial intention was to release v1.03 on December 19th, about 7 days after my latest development post. But fortunately or unfortunately, a lot more was done for the next version and I still need to tweak a few things. Let’s take a look at the “current” changelog for v1.03 Version: 1.03 VirtualGamepad Issues Release […]

Latest Development Updates – 2013 December

Since the release of version 1.02, I’ve been working on and off on VirtualGamepad. Hopefully I’ll have an update available before the holidays. I have completely re-implemented the touchscreen control with multiple modes (cursor, touchpad, view). Not only it adds more features, but it also improves the quality of the mouse movement. I have also […]