VirtualGamepad Updates

VirtualGamepad Version v1.06 (Beta + Demo)

Small fix for v1.05, see release notes for v1.05.

VirtualGamepad Version v1.05 (Beta + Demo)

After a month, I am happy to announce that VirtualGamepad has been updated to v1.05. This release will fix a few issues; mostly the sensibility for the trackpad touch control was not being applied properly and the analog keyboard joystick dead zone was not resetting the keyboard actions accordingly. A few cosmetic changes here and […]

VirtualGamepad Version v1.04 (Beta + Demo)

VirtualGamepad has been updated to v1.04. This release should fixed the issues experienced by Windows RT and Windows 8 32 bit users (Dell Venue 8 Pro). Starting from v1.03, the self-update process will check daily for a new version. If you decided to postpone the update, it will be offered to you the following day. […]

VirtualGamepad Version v1.03 (Beta + Demo)

Finally, version 1.03 has just been released, in time for the holidays. There’s a lot of new features and some bug fixes in this version, hopefully I haven’t mess with it too much. Where do I begin ? The first major changes in this release is the self-update system that will warn you once a […]

VirtualGamepad Version 1.02 (Beta + Demo)

New version have been released, this should finally solve Windows RT Compatibility. I’d like more feedbacks regarding the compatibility. I also took the time to fix one issue that was reported that resulted in glyph being badly positioned when the font scaling of Windows was different than 100%. Next update should include update notifications. Your […]

VirtualGamepad Version 1.01 (Beta + Demo)

Hello, A new version of VirtualGamepad has been released today. This version should enable Windows RT compatibility, answer a few feature requests and address a few issues. It does require higher administrative rights as we found them necessary for certain games like Elder Scroll Online. If you have already downloaded VirtualGamepad, log in into your […]

VirtualGamepad Version 1.00 (Beta + Demo)

After a few months of development, a few weeks of tweaking both the demo and beta versions, a few days of putting a website together. VirtualGamepad is close to being release publicly. It’s been both a challenge and a learning experience. Ten years ago, I released a bunch of software for the Psion S5 among […]