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Create your own gamepad and modify them with an increasing library of controls: analog gamepads, keyboard buttons, mouse controls, buttons and scrollers, trackpads, touchscreen modes, camera view joysticks, etc.

Freeware Demo

Free with demo gamepad

  • Analog Keyboard Control (WASD)
  • 5 Buttons (ABXY) (Space, 1, 2, 3, Esc)
  • 1 Analog Mouse Control, left and right mouse buttons.

VirtualGamepad Demo Setup (Windows 8)
VirtualGamepad Demo Executable (Windows 8 / RT)

Donationware Beta

Create your own gamepad or use the default one:

  •  Analog Keyboard Control (WASD)
  •  5 Buttons (ABXY) (Space, 1, 2, 3, Esc)
  •  1 Trackpad Mouse Control, left and right mouse buttons. 

Note: VirtualGamepad is currently compatible with Windows 8 Pro and RT Tablets. “Windowed Fullscreen” and “Windowed” modes are supported. “Fullscreen” mode is not supported. More information here.

Available Downloads and Updates

Note: In order to see your available updates, you need to be logged in with your registered username and have already donated to VirtualGamepad.