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    thanks for what looks like an excellent product.

    i was wondering what the output of the virtual gamepad is – joystick events or keyboard emulation – key events?

    reason is i’m trying to get my old Tomb Raider games going on W8. I was working with AutoHotKey but thought $5 to skip a lot of work is worth it.

    do you have any deep technical documentation about how to use the tool? i’d like to know what it is fully capable of from docs rather than discovery. 🙂



    Right now it’s key events and mouse events. I’m planning joystick events too… I don’t have any documentation about how to use the tool, but most of it is pretty obvious. Everything is available from one main menu button and a few toolbars in the edit mode.

    I strongly suggest you try the demo with Tomb Raider to check if it works, it should afaik. And decide from there 😉

    Have fun


    I couldn’t get it working as expected with the demo.

    It sort of works with the full version. I got all the game pad events to fire off from mapped on screen icons.

    The strange thing is that now the game (TOMB RAIDER II) repeats the last spoken audio. so some strange interaction. My Logitech F710 does not have the issue.

    the fun continues.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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