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    Discuss any game related issues here. Please document them first in the Issues database in the “VirtualGamepad Game Related” project. Once a solution is found, please update the Issues database accordingly.

    We’d like VirtualGamepad to support every game out there. Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to do so. We’ll do as much as we can to figure them out and fix them. Multiple variables will affect the priority including the game popularity, complexity of the issue, etc.

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    Undoubtedly, it is a very useful and mostly unique application. Still lots of room for improvement as I can see it.
    1. Tried to play Supermario on snes9x. It’s impossible to press A button to jump not having released B button used for acceleration while controlling the right-hand buttons with a thumb only. Is there any way to overcome it?
    2. With the Ys series it is not quite handy to press the diagonal directions for movement. The areas of direction intersections are way too narrow for me. It would be great if they were adjustable like in such android emulator applications as Nes.emu, GBA.emu or PCE.emu.
    3. I’ve created a setting for working with .pdf documents in Foxit Reader. Pretty handy if not for a couple of drawbacks:
    A. To make the touchpad highlight the text I have to long-press at the spot. No option to switch to a more conventional touchpad mode when you’re supposed to double-tap at a spot and then drag the cursor, which is much better in this case.
    B. The cursor constantly flickers and sometimes jumps if moved slightly to the side. That makes it hard to aim. By the way, I have just the same problem with TouchMousePointer which is kind of similar to this app.
    C. If you click the mouse over a control element it affects the element, not the area behind it, which is sometimes a bit annoying and makes not much sense from the practical point of view.

    On the whole I’m very grateful for this application as besides TouchMousePointer it is the only way I have found to implement sensor controls for the old-style programs. Very promissing indeed.

    By the way, it would be wonderful to be able to setup buttons for switching to other gamepad settings – kind of shortcuts to particular setting files. For example, it could be used to quickly restructure and/or disable some controls shown on the screen.

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    Thank you for your feedback…

    1. Try the smear-lock button, you can tap on it and slide to another button then slide out and it will release the 2nd button but keep the first one active.

    2. Yes, the current analog stick is actually a 4 direction one with shared axis for diagonals. But I need to work on a real 8 direction ones… I can understand the “shared” area might be too small… I’ll try to look into that.

    3. a) I’ll see what I can do with double-tapping.
    b) Yes I know, I’ve been trying to fix that, but it’s really low level. In the meanwhile, I strongly suggest you try enabling the virtual cursor. It adds a small squared cursor and it helps with that.
    c) I get what you mean and that have hindered me sometime too, I will look at a fix for that.

    Thanks for all the comments, really appreciate it ! And the quick/switching button is something I have thought about, just need to decide on a proper implementation. Either have it auto-load another gamepad OR have multiple gamepads embedded in one and have the switch change from one to another…



    Hi, I tried to play Undertale with the virtual gamepad and when I go fullscreen the gamepad doesn’t overlay, but disappears and doesn’t work until I go back to windowed.




    As you can see on the about page at

    VirtualGamepad does not support fullscreen games, only windowed fullscreen, aka borderless, or windowed games.

    They are technical issues involved with supporting fullscreen games including having to inject virtualgamepad through directx. It’s never 100% guaranteed to work and is against a lot of games terms of services.

    As a design choice, we’ve decided not to put our users through a TOS infraction and risking loosing their account (for example MMO or FPS).

    Thanks for your concerns.

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