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    I haven’t seen an update from awhile.

    Thomas Kings

    I wouldn’t count on it.
    I’ve been looking for something that supports xinput but there is literally nothing but GestureWorks Gameplay which has been discontinued so you can’t get it anymore.



    I would like to say that I’m still developing it 100%, but the truth is I’m either too busy IRL with work stuff, kids, family and gaming (SWTOR, The Division, Destiny and soon No Man’s Sky). However, I’ve recently rebuild my development environment and made sure everything was updated and in order for VirtualGamepad.

    One of the feature I want to see implemented is joystick emulation (whether xinput is remains to be seen), but it’s something I would really like to have… and maybe playing No Man’s Sky will push me toward implementing joystick input sooner than later.

    ps I didn’t know GestureWorks Gameplay was canceled. I remember they released theirs around the same time I had mine. I liked their idea of a shared library while I preffered my way of allowing edition while playing the game.

    I’ll try to update VirtualGamepad more often, no promises, but I would really like to do that ! Maybe when winter comes back !


    Actually, you can still download GestureWorks, but it no longer displays the controls on the screen, making it useless… or perhaps I’m using it incorrectly.

    Either way, it sucks that the only touchscreen gamepad for PC [without switching devices or buying a controller/phone], barely even works like a gaming controller unless you buy it.

    And frankly, I have too many bills to pay to even buy this. 🙁

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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