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    Hey, I’ve got a couple of pad layouts built for some games, and wondered if there are plans for an online layout respository a la Gestureworks’ setup.

    I’ve got a basic working layout for Guild Wars if anyone wants it.
    GW’s UI is decent enough for tablets once you get move/look controls implemented.

    I might be able to host a layout database if enough people want to contribute some good controllers.


    I don’t have a built-in repository as of yet, I’ll figure out something that people could use a repository for now. Let me set something up. And sorry for the delay for the reply.


    No problem, I’ve been busy with stuff and working out some more layouts.
    A lot of games will work fine with some rather basic layouts, which is convenient.


    PalmTime, would you be so kind to create subforum dedicated to layout sharing, not just discussing how to create them?


    I’ve built a Lego Harry Potter setup which mirrors Dpad Control on iOS. I’ll gladly share, I had to use DXWND to get it working the way I wanted. Let me know where to send it. It took 10 attempts (due to the lack of any instructions), so I’d be glad to see others save time.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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