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    First of all let me congratulate you on writing such a usefull software, I cannot beleive there is such a lack of software in this area. After trying the demo some months ago I had no hesitation in buying the full version as the price was most defiantly right and I needed to make custom layouts.

    Anyway, the problem I am having is that when I play certain games, I need to hold one button and tap one next to it, this works if I use 2 fingers but if I roll my finger down onto the other button while still covering the first the second one does not trigger.
    Is there a option I am missing, and if not is this likely to be implemented.
    Thanks in advance


    Just a quick update. Overlapping the buttons gives me a sort of third button that activates both buttons but am still unable to just “slide” into this area to activate it


    Have you tried with the expanded keyboard button, the hold and smeared button options might be what you’re trying to achieve… good luck !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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