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    Thank you very much I play with Virtual Gamepad some great games!!!

    But i have a problem on default beta mouse trackpad a simple click works like mouse left click and in some games this is big problem for examle on hitman or deus ex an unnessesary left click Fire!! and that can destory you gaming! There is any way to disable this or better an Switch to on and off that feature ???




    I totally understand the problem you’re having and I’m currently working on a solution that will be available in v1.07 (which will probably result in 2.0). That option allows you to disable the portion of the touchscreen that is not occupied by virtual gamepad itself…

    Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.


    Ok please fix it – Is funny but this problem make some games more challenge for example – In deus Ex Holster Gun Weapon is Crtitical πŸ™‚

    Thank you again with your software my asus t100 plays deus ex,halo etc on tablet mode – will be great this program to work on full screen mode or windwo fullscreen without borders!

    *On fullscreen mode touch controls works (in deus ex) but i dont see them.

    Also please on your new varsions add this features:

    -Switch Controls -For Hold press key
    -Change buttons, trackpad etc size
    -Transparency buttons
    -Gesture Controls

    And and option to hide deafaul windows cursor because some times on screen has two mouse cursors (Gaming&windows)



    Regarding Deus Ex fullscreen… yeah sometimes they don’t show and they do work… but in order to make VG works in Fullscreen Game, I would have to inject both touch and gfx into the game’s direct x library which could lead to banning in some game (especially online one). Injecting is also a little bit more complicated. But I’m looking into it.

    Explain Switch-Controls ? In beta they are a few modifiers and hold controls that may accomplish what you are looking for.

    Change button, etc… Check the beta version and use 2 fingers in the edit mode to increase their size, color, etc.

    The opacity is general for all controls… sorry

    Gesture, NTH indeed πŸ˜‰ will be looking into it.

    Thanks for the hint for the double cursor !

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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