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    Ahmad Faiz

    First I’d like to congratulate you on a job well done. VGP is a great move forward, and makes a GREAT control aid for ANY program on a Win8 tablet.

    That said, right now there’s a problem with Portrait Mode compatibility – VGP simply doesn’t recognise 800×1280 on my tablet and runs as if it is still in landscape (1280×800), which limits it’s y-axis placement. Not sure if this is a limitation of VGP itself or the editor, but I really can’t place anything below x800 on the y-axis.

    As most Bay Trail 8-inchers are primarily designed to be used in Portrait (800×1280), it’ll be a great help if this were to be addressed.

    I created a bug report in the issue tracker by accident before finding this forum area, I’m really sorry if I shouldn’t have.



    Hello Ahmad,

    There is a setting available from the editor screen that allows you to position virtual gamepad either on top, middle or bottom of the screen when played in Portrait Mode. The option is named “Auto Fit Position”.

    I totally understand this is not the best solution as having the full height of the screen in Portrait would be beneficial. But to allow a full compatibility in-between all screen size and rotation, a sacrifice had to be made. Since most people play in landscape, I went with that. That option allows you to move that portion of the screen where it would be mostly beneficial. Again not the best solution, but a tentative one that has pleased other user so far.

    Thank you for the kind words,

    Ahmad Faiz

    Oh my, I must have missed that. Sorry.

    Now I only need to be able to launch VGP from the command line with switches to load specific pads, tie them up in batch files to load individual games (processed through DxWnd for windowing) and I’ll be set for everything!


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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