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    sascha m b


    I’ve found that VirtualGamepad touchpad emulation mode is great for using DOSBox without a mouse attached. However I have a small issue to report: the emulated touchpad seems to be too sensitive when determining if my tap is a click or a “drag”, which results in most click taps to be misinterpreted as drags. In other words, after I drag to position the cursor and try to tap for a click, touchpad instead slightly repositions the cursor and no click event is generated. This can be frustration and may require 3-4 taps to actually perform a click.

    Can you recommend any workaround for this?

    Currently I add a dedicated virtual mouse button to perform left click.



    Quick question,

    When you use the touchpad, do you see the mouse cursor under your finger ? I’m asking this because I have this issue on one of my device atm and it results in bad clicks… Strangely, it does work correctly on another device that is the same hardware… I suspect a MS update to the touch drivers or something like this… Thanks for your feedback and looking into this…


    sascha m b

    Hey, PalmTime

    Do you mean windows cursor (arrow), virtual cursor (small brick) or whatever game uses? I only see the latter move slightly from its previous position when I attemp a click and that’s it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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