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    i downloaded the beta yesterday after trying the demo.
    It is a really nice programm and easy to edit and configurate your gamepad even for noobs like me:)
    Thank you for that, really nice work!
    One thing what i encountered though, was while running virtual gamepad
    (cracked) games like spelunky hd and isaac(shitty flash though) would start to slow down in comparison to runnuing them without virtual gamepad.
    I tracked my ressource monitor during the different tries and virtual gamepad hardly uses a lot of ressources.
    So did anybody encounter similar problems? Any solutions to diminish this effect?
    I will by time try out other (mostly cracked) games like dont starve and get into embedded window mode.


    I have the same problem:-(

    I playing for example NHL 09, Max Payne 2 or NFS: Most Wanted and the games are more laggy with the use VirtualGamepad 🙁 . Excluding use VirtualGamepad no lag.
    My device is: Toshiba Encore 8 with cpu Z3740 and 2GB RAM.

    Andrew Gale


    Same here, not cracked games. Hotline Miami, trine will lag if I’m using the virtual gamelan, with minecraft I lose between 5 to 10 f’s. Other games work ok. The more buttons, the worse

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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